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Brexit an epic, country-wide tantrum with immigrants keeping the stiff upper lip

Tough choices for Wallonia, a region desperate to reinvent itself

A wake-up call for visual journalism in the “post-factual” era

Increasing push worldwide for mandatory registration of SIM cards

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The Misogyny Behind an Attempted Assassination of a Man in Congo

New Wave of Facebook Phishing Attacks Targets Syrian Activists

Greek bureaucracy - Starting an online store is no easy business

Enligt Lagrådet är bristerna i Regeringens förslag "synnerligen allvarligt eftersom saken gäller ett förslag till undantagstillståndsliknande lagstiftning"

There is a fundamental misalignment between what the attention economy is competing to produce and the aspirations of people

The ongoing exodus from Syria and other war-torn countries was long in the making, easy to foresee, and eminently manageable

EPP calls for removal of bureaucratic obstacles for intelligence services - "encrypted communications must be accessed"

The Facebook platform is undeniably incredible, but we must acknowledge that our customer relationships there are not owned — they’re rented.

Ben Winkler, chief digital officer of OMD, part of the Omnicom Media Group on Facebook’s new suite of ad products

The Growth of Contemporary African Photography at LagosPhoto

Social-Mobile-LOCAL- “Local” Will Be The Biggest of the Three

Social networks - "Who Controls Whom?"- Gatekeepers vs. Gated

Ungerska parlamentet har beslutat att bura in alla asylsökande

Why small customers are more valuable than Fortune 500 clients

Feature on Shuafat - East Jerusalem’s Palestinian refugee camp

Leaked Documents Confirm Ecuador’s Internet Censorship Machine

War Photographers Need Other Older, Wiser War Photographers

Apple's iCloud strategy - a threat to Facebook and Microsoft

Preoccupations- Perfectionism, Challenged in Building a Boat

Trump has filled his Cabinet with a goon squad of rich donors

Facebook may have led WhatsApp merger investigation astray

EU-parlamentariker Jasenko Selimovic i Kafkaliknande process

The most disruptive phase of globalization is just beginning

Brexit divide and rule tactics could leave UK without deal

Dark Social - We Have the Whole History of the Web Wrong

North Korea - George Orwell's Pyramid Looms Over Pyongyang

Vision Without Obstruction- What We Learn From Steve Jobs

Saudi Arabia - Britain should not be allied to one of the world’s most repressive, undemocratic and unpleasant regimes

Dubious article on politico.eu attacking the European Court of Justice for making life difficult for American companies

Russia plotted to overthrow Montenegro's government by assassinating Prime Minister Milo Djukanovic last year

Chinese censorship order - "Please self-inspect and delete all content related to the ‘Panama Papers’ leak"

Signatures that triggered Dutch referendum on EU-Ukraine trade deal were not verified and later destroyed

Sveriges nuvarande stopp av flyktingar är som att inte släppa iland båtflyktingarna som kom från Estland

End of TTIP should be a launchpad for a movement to build a democratic, accountable, transparent Europe

Anders Kompass blev uthängd, avstängd tystad för att ha avslöjat FN-soldaters övergrepp i Centralafrika

Ukrainians shocked as politicians declare vast wealth as part of an IMF-backed transparency initiative

Urban gentrification embodies a kind of puritanism that says nothing can be messy, dirty, undesigned

Free Speech in the Muslim World? Ask the Egyptian TV Station That First Aired the Anti-Islam Movie

Google subsidiary Motorola Mobility denies that its royalty demand letters said what they said

The illegal settlements obscure what might be the actual root cause of the Middle East conflict

Neil deGrasse Tyson on Twitter- "The best engineering flow chart ever- http---t.co-Rs7GNh4U"

Glenna Gordon about photographing community of female romance writers in Northern Nigeria

Visa pour l’Image – Robin Hammond - «J’ai commencé mon reportage dans une prison de Juba»

Konsekvenser av att EU-USA-s överenskommelse om delande av personuppgifter blir ogiltigförklarad

'I Can't Tell You Why We're Growing' - A New Bike Store and the Mystery of Start-Up Success

It’s Not Whether Google’s Threatened. It’s Asking Ourselves- What Commons Do We Wish For?

Bulgaria summarily returning migrants to Turkey after stealing belongings and beating them

Trump’s latest New York Times interview is a perfect example of his phony war with the press

Lamenting the demise of the Unix philosophy - tools should do one thing, and do it well

Bernard-Henri Lévy - An Open Letter to President Hollande Concerning the Syrian Disaster

"The pictures I didn't take covering the mission to save refugees in the Mediterranean"

PGP inventor and Silent Circle co-founder Phil Zimmermann on the surveillance society

Square Wallet, the Apple Store, and Uber- Software Above the Level of a Single Device

How The Technology Behind Bitcoin Is Going To Change The Lives Of The Bottom Billion

Är gränsen verkligen nådd? Här är några förslag vi inte testade innan gränsen stängdes

Scientific Illiteracy - Why The Italian Earthquake Verdict is Even Worse Than it Seems

Medecins Sans Frontieres worker recounts bitter struggles faced by refugees in Greece

Dansk polis ska söka igenom flyktingars väskor. Det här är vad de kan förväntas hitta

How real is the danger of an EU collapse? It’s receding, but the UK is the wild card

To fight Amazon’s “black box,” iPad publisher Inkling opens its 400 ebooks up to Google

Domainindex.com Downgrades Internet TLD .co.uk and Warns About co.uk and .uk TLD's

The question no one is asking about Donald Trump- does he have an umbilicus or not?

If Donald Trump secures the Republican nomination the two-party system will implode

Flight of Chen Guangcheng, Chinese Rights Lawyer, Thrills Dissidents - NYTimes.com

Washington Post Call for Prosecution of Its Own Source (After Accepting Pulitzer)

Amnesty Annual Report - 2015 saw unprecedented assault on human rights in the EU

The story of a radicalisation 'I was not thinking my thoughts. I was not myself'

Social Media Companies Have Absolutely No Idea How to Handle the Gaza Conflict

Tesla Tests Self-Driving Functions with Secret Updates to Its Customers’ Cars

Remember 1956 Viktor Orban ! Quand les Européens étaient un peu plus solidaires

Thor Halvorssen - An Open Letter to Prime Minister Lee Hsein Loong of Singapore

"Truth is always secondary to the spectacle" - a media critic on how we cover war

'Mass Disorders' - How Protesting Putin Can Land You in a Russian Psych Ward

Two members of FDLR convicted of crimes against humanity in South Kivu (D.R. Congo)

Apple standing up against overreach by the U.S. government in letter to customers

EU protectionism goes bananas - parliament debate on Ecuador trade agreement today

The Blockchain is at the same level as the World Wide Web in terms of importance

Facebook hides your email in an apparent effort to promote its messaging service

Why Syrian Refugees in Calais Want to Come to the United Kingdom - The Atlantic

The Economics of Machine Intelligence - Human Judgment Increasingly Valuable

Russia aims to exacerbate the refugee crisis to undermine the European project

Därför ska du lyssna på Edward Snowden – även om du inte ”har något att dölja”

Privacy Shield Live Press Conference by EU Data Protection Authorities at 1PM CET

$1,500 sandwich illustrates how international trade raises living standards

How Google Builds Its Maps—and What It Means for the Future of Everything

Le photojournaliste Vincent Boisot - de la Dakar Fashion Week à Kinshasa

The EU’s Cure - All Cured Nothing- Why Germany’s Medicine Is Killing Europe

No 'Happy Easter' - The Muslim Brotherhood's Bizarre Religious Intolerance

Why Electric Cars Are More Polluting than Gas Guzzlers — at Least in China

EU knew that car manufacturers were gaming emission tests already in 2013

In Burma, the End of Censorship Means a Scramble to Figure Out Journalism

Canadian Journalist’s Detention at U.S. Border Raises Press Freedom Alarms

Neoliberalism - the deep story that lies beneath Donald Trump’s triumph

Corporations are buying and privatising urban space at spectacular rate

What the U.S. Bombing of Cambodia Tells Us About Obama's Drone Campaign

Freedom Not Fear- Fresh Challenges Against Mass Untargeted Surveillance

Big data is our generation’s civil rights issue, and we don’t know it

Marjane Satrapi- On Artistic Freedom, Fame & Finishing No Matter What

Another Russian Émigré Dies Mysteriously, but It’s a Different Britain

The real issue raised by the Panama Papers is that most of it is legal

Lions go digital - The Internet’s transformative potential in Africa

Sturgeon banned photographers at press conference on Scottish referendum

How the New EU Data Protection Regulation will be Misused to Censor Speech

Why e-books will soon be obsolete (and no, it’s not just because of DRM)

SmallLaw- Best bet for new business development by vendors to legal sector

European Parliament rapporteur proposes mandatory copyleft license

The European Union’s online reforms help the old more than the new

The problems facing the news industry boils down to not providing value

European data protection supervisor launches ethics advisory group

Why the political extreme are better at reaching out in social media

Conservative Expectations for the Upcoming Financial Services Action Plan

The Mark Zuckerberg Manifesto Is a Blueprint for Destroying Journalism

The war for the free and open internet — and how we are losing it

Can 4 Economists Build the Most Economically Efficient Charity Ever?

The future - where borrowing is the norm and ownership is luxury

Legal Censorship - PayPal Makes a Habit of Deciding What Users Can Read

En 2050, le Nigeria sera le troisième pays le plus peuplé au monde

Speech that Enables Speech - China forces programmers to remove public code

The era of neoliberalism is over, the era of neonationalism has just begun

PTS anser det tillräckligt att webbesökare kan blockera kakor i sina webbläsare

Will Signal, an open source and encrypted messaging service, catch on?

Fem kända svenska kulturskapare berättar om sina rutiner och ritualer

The data centers that support the Internet use a huge amount of energy

Coming back after a long break, the European Union faces an ugly fall

When cryptography is outlawed, only outlaws will have cryptography

Data protection - One law should cover EU, governments and private sector

Apps are too much like 1990's CD-ROMs and not enough like the Web

Analysis- Europe far right shuns Breivik's acts, flirts with ideas

You say you want a revolution? It's called post-PC computing

A Gorgeous Photographic Elegy to the Last Great Steam Train

Can an Algorithm Write a Better News Story Than a Human Reporter?

The Palestinians’ West Bank- Squeeze them out | The Economist

UK plans to curb immigration will reduce economic growth

On the Occasion of the Removal of My Girlfriend’s Dog’s Balls

How a Russian Fascist Is Meddling in America’s Election

Ending Schengen could cost €1.4 trillion in next decade

War photographer Don McCullin on risk, war and guilt

Tools don’t solve the web’s problems, they ARE the problem

Food trafficking is more profitable than drugs in Venezuela

Lavabit Encrypted Email Service Shuts Down, Can’t Say Why

Debatt- I dag ger regeringen en dödsstöt åt svenska appar

The Economics of Self-Publishing–And Finding Our Way To Black

The New Law of the Sea and the Geopolitics of the Internet

Italy's Five Star Movement presents 'sovereignist' agenda

EU Presidents Tusk and Juncker congratulates Donald Trump

Airbnb lets you vacation in illegal West Bank settlements

LIBE Committee meeting today discussing the Safe Harbor ruling

The right to resell - a ticking time bomb over digital goods

Microsoft Surface - Between a Rock and a Hardware Place

Google - government requests to censor content alarming

Interoperability on the web threatened by W3C standard

RSS and Google Now - Waking up to the world around you

Why links matter - Linking is the lifeblood of the web

A young entrepreneur's perspective on Angolan innovation

LukeW | An Event Apart- Dimensions of Good Experience

Serious security weaknesses in mobile phone networks

EU lanserar översyn av direktivet om elektronisk integritet

Hacked terminals capable of causing pacemaker deaths

How Palestinian Bloggers Cover Protests in Their Villages

Interview with Juncker’s cabinet chief Martin Selmayr

Denmark wants to seize jewelry and cash from refugees

Public indifference is the real enemy in the NSA affair

Google - How Pay-per-Click Ads Are Taking Over Search

A Downward Spiral for Freedom of Expression in Ethiopia

Why culture and the arts can show us a way out of the crisis

The Perpetual, Invisible Window Into Your Gmail Inbox

Nick Farina - An iOS Developer Takes on Android

Here’s How Electric Cars Will Cause the Next Oil Crisis

The value of NOT being a unicorn and taking VC funding

I Sunnansjö är främlingsfientlighet en del av vardagen

FBI’s Facial Recognition is Coming to a State Near You

How It Could Have Been - Escrow.com Rebrands As Finera

DRM and ebooks- publishers cutting their own throats

European Commission Reveals new ePrivacy Regulation

Decline of newspapers due to lack of high-intent moments

The fallacy of click-focused visitor analysis on the web

"software is the oil of the information revolution"

Leaked Action Plan on Building a Capital Markets Union

Poetry Gone to Pieces- Talking Civilization with Dana Crum

Notes from a Bookshop - Early Autumn, or Winter’s Coming

'Perplexed ... Perplexed' - On Mob Justice in Nigeria

Palestinian Authority Found to Block Critical News Sites

Why the Islamic State Is the Minor Leagues of Terror

Balkan laggards harbour new hopes of entering the EU

New European Guidelines to Address Cloud Computing

News Consumption Tilts Toward Niche Sites - NYTimes.com

The Chaos at Kennedy Airport, and the Chaos to Come

Spain’s News Media Are Squeezed by Government and Debt